Relationship Choices

Each person has a choice of what role they would like us to play in their financial life.  We are able to simply provide service for what they already own, or at the other end of the spectrum, we can help someone plan a new direction for their life.  The choice of how best to utilize us is yours to make.

Service for Existing Assets: Many people have modest needs for investments they already own.  Some want answers to their questions, or perhaps a review of their options and a few adjustments, or others want help getting some cash back from what they own.  Once we are recorded as the people to provide service, we are happy to help with these and other service items.

Single Solutions: In our busy world, some people just need to take care of one issue.  It may be an IRA rollover, it may be an inheritance or it may be saving for a daughter or son’s education.  We enjoy helping people find solutions to these single issue items on their “to do” list.

Retirement Projection: This is perhaps the number one planning issue most people face and is an interesting mixture of two questions:

1. When can I afford to retire?

2. Will I feel financially secure throughout my retirement?

The best part of this planning is that while many people aren't sure how they are doing towards retirement, we can help them get a much better sense of this.  By quantifying retirement cash flow projections, people can gain a much more clear picture of what retirement might look like.  With this picture in mind they can consider adjustments in their working years that can improve what comes after those years.

Investment Management: Keeping up with investment markets, the economy and with individual investments is not for everyone.  For some, the worry they express around investments is not something they want to bear alone.  We like helping people shoulder this burden and we like helping them stick with a consistent investment process through up and down markets.

Financial Planning: The ultimate, “I’m meaning to get around to it” item on many people’s to do list is getting their financial house in order.  From budgeting to getting that will drafted, we enjoy helping clients get better organized and we enjoy helping them put important things in place.  We are happy to collaborate with the client’s tax and legal professionals to tie a neat ribbon and bow around this all important project.

Life Planning: Very few clients ask for help with considering the direction for their lives.  There is an openness, frankness and level of trust required to benefit from this service that has to be a conscious choice on the part of a client.  For those who wish to “think out loud” with someone who has their best interests at heart, we are often able to help them uncover possible outcomes that they find fun and sometimes revolutionary.  We enjoy this work in helping clients become their own “possibilitarian”.  (Additional information can be found under the Services/Tools tab.)

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