3 Deliverables

We all look for assurances in life and often no more so than around our financial well-being.  No one can consistently predict the future.  We can, however, develop solid processes that serve to increase our chance of success.  These processes include implementing a well-developed financial plan, keeping a long-term perspective and developing constructive behaviors around money. 

1st Deliverable: The Financial Plan

Colin’s first career as a helicopter pilot in the US Marines informs our approach.  While people may ask us just to help them invest, the best value we offer is helping people create and stick to a financial plan.  Without a destination, a map and a reason to go, why take off? 

2nd Deliverable: Long Term Perspective

What may appear to be an insurmountable goal at the outset can often be achieved one consistent step at a time.  The irony is that by seeing things in the long term, it becomes easier to know what to do in the short run.  It also makes it easier to navigate our internet-connected world.  Effective planning is a multi-decade and often multi-generational process.  Our long-term perspective is important to your success and ours.

3rd Deliverable: Good Behaviors with Your Money

There are many decisions and actions that enhance the likelihood of financial success.  Often there are ways to automate behaviors, like 401(k) investing at work, to increase your chances for success.  This coaching process is a softer skill set and often one of the most profound ways in which we help people.

Making a Difference for You and Your Future

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